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Positive Parenting

Biblical. Relevant. Real

No matter where you are in the world, no matter what the occasion, it is always the right time for positive parenting!​ 


The 30-minute conversation and music show focuses on positive parenting with an urban touch. Marnita hits hard with relevance and biblical truth, making it "real" grown-folks radio.

We-Win Wednesday

6 am - 6 pm


For a copy of the scripted prayer heard on many of the broadcasts, please send us an email at: 

We will forward you a copy immediately.

Pray for our children

Join the "We-Win Wednesday" parent-intercessors from around the world as we fast and pray for our children.




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The Marnita Show Live in Baltimore

Marnita live in Baltimore
Winning is The Only Option
Faith Strong
Faith Strong
Marnita live in Baltimore
It's Personal
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