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The Marnita Show is a 30-minute talk and music radio broadcast focusing on parenting. Marnita hits hard with relevance and truth.


Meet the Levy’s, a blended family of four, residing in Baltimore County, Maryland.  Former co-workers, Karl and Monique found a common interest in music and became friends. At the time, Monique was a single mother living in Baltimore with her daughter, Chloe. Their friendship soon blossomed into a relationship and they were engaged and married within a year. Their family expanded with the birth of baby girl Clarke in 2016.


There is no replacement for quality time with your family. Intimate moments have a long-lasting effect. Love and trust are fostered during those times.


Trade in your social media hour for a stroll with the kids. You don't have to have a specific destination, just make it fun. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), parent-child connectedness is one of the top 5 protective factors related to youth well being.


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